Dear Visitor Welcome on my homepage.

Thank you for your interest.

With the next few lines I would like to introduce you my world. I was born in Transylvania in 1978. I was raised there, and there I finished my studies in graphic and designing. I wanted to become a mother at an early age so my work as an artist had to be put aside for a time.

Now, as a mother of two children, filled with beautiful feelings and emotions I continue the work which means joy and self-expression for me.

The road, that I walked in the last decades are not meant simply geographically - from Transylvania, through Transdanubium finally arriving to Tirol – my view of the world, and the final way of expressing myself have changed through these years. I consider myself lucky to live in such a beautiful natural environment that not simply inspires my work but also gives me opportunity to develop professionally. At this place, for which I felt for the first sight, I find new feelings: piece, calmness, lights and shadows, the dazzling beauty of the landscapes, continuous rejuvenation and the wonder of the everyday.

My works are inspired by these emotions and impulses that I meet every day. Human relationships, dreams, love, desire, beauty, moments, passing of the time, pain, sorrow, colours, frangances, shapes, water, trees, sun, moon. It was also new and unexpected for me to become so fond of the emotional themes, I react sensitively in my drawing and paintings to the vibes they send. In my works I find myself. There I can be honest, human, woman, in love, artist, free.

I am always filled with excitement when I watch the public’s reaction, the way they look at the pictures. First they look at them, they concentrate, run through every detail. Then comes their realisation that there is something hidden. They understand, realize and finally catharsis reaches them. Dear visitor, I hope you experience these feelings as well, I hope my works can give you something special. I also create work of arts according to my customer’s concepts. Feel free to contact me via email or telephone.